Visit India without worries

Visit India without worries

“Oh you are going to a trip to India? I have traveled to India so many times. India-God’s own country- is one of my favorite places on Earth – I absolutely love it!

India seems to be one of the best travel destinations that people want to go to, but don’t because they obsessed with on all the things that could go wrong. People, it’s time to keep aside your excuses and clear your fears, because if you are fascinate by India, you should definitely experience it in real life.

Here are some straight-up answers to “India fears” people admitted to me…

Tips for eating in India to avoid sickness:

  • Eat freshly cooked food only
  • Avoid too much spicy food, especially chilli’s.
  • Only drink bottled water or boiled water
  • Stay well hydrated
  • Avoid ice in drinks
  • Bathe in holy rivers at your own risk.
  • don’t ever drink tap water

Tips to avoid harassment

  • You have to be aware of your own personal safety
  • Travel with a group or with a local leader
  • When using the train, travel with the ladies in the women’s carriage

Tips to maintain hygiene

  • Squat toilets are common at budget hotels,so be aware of choosing hotels
  • brush your teeth with bottled water
  • Wear a gas mask or at least a bandana




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