uttarakhand-tourism-destinationsDo not cancel your travel plans to Uttarakhand. It is important to spread awareness about these forest fires, but the state is safe and welcoming – as always – for tourism.
I’ve been in Sarmoli near Munsiari for the last few days, surrounded by beautiful old oak and forests, and although the skies are a bit foggy, Kumaoni hospitality is as heartwarming as ever.
A sincere request to everyone to stop sharing photos of old fires and facts that they haven’t personally verified. This is in interest of the people of Uttarakhand where tourism is the largest industry, and at a time when drenching fires is more important than spreading panic. I am driving from Binsar (where the fires are controlled now) to Kathgodam and don’t see the fires that I saw last week, anymore. Also, most tourist towns/centres are away from core zones where the fires were. The weather forecast predicts rain by Thursday so hoping for it to extinguish the last of the embers. Everyone from taxi drivers to local guides depend on the summer to earn their entire year’s livelihood and are worried about this news adversely affecting it. News is all about reporting matters when the damage is already done; it’s time now to work on preventing this in the future. Uttarakhand has already been hit by an eco-disaster. Let’s not allow it’s economy to be hit now.