Travel & Tours Across Europe get Cheaper as Euro Slumps against Dollar

Travel & Tours Across Europe get Cheaper as Euro Slumps against Dollar

The euro sank briefly to a nine-year low against the dollar on Monday, as investors’ nerves frayed over the political turmoil in Greece. Experts said British travellers could expect the cheapest holiday prices since before the financial crisis of 2008, the Telegraph reported on Saturday.

It comes as the travel industry gears up for the traditional January surge in bookings. Half of UK adults who have taken a holiday in the past plan a break overseas in 2015, according to research for Travel Weekly. The study by consumer research company TNS found 49% intend to take a foreign holiday, up two percentage points on a year ago – 31% saying they were ‘very likely’ to have an overseas holiday and 18% ‘quite likely’. A further 8% were undecided.

British families can expect to save hundreds of pounds on trips across Europe due to a slide in the value of the euro which has created the cheapest holiday-booking season since the financial crisis, according to a weekend report.

Holidaymakers can expect to save anything between 5% and 15% on the cost of travel and accommodation booked this month and pay almost 20% less than last year on expenses such as eating out.

The gains in spending power mean that even those who have already booked package holidays at rates set in advance are expected to see significant benefits.

Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money, said: “Holidaymakers travelling to Europe can look forward to better value-for-money, although they should still do their homework to ensure they don’t miss out on the best deals.”

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