Travel to Chennai - The Gateway to South India

Travel to Chennai – The Gateway to South India

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Since 2008, the inbound foreign visitors to Chennai has increased, overtaking Delhi & Mumbai. Travel & Tour options are plenty in the city and it also serves as the hub for traveling to the many famous heritage centers in South India. Interestingly, only 4.8% of the foreign visitors are from the UK when Chennai prides itself for having housed the first British settlement in India.

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Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu, was called Madras before colonization and was a small strip of fisherman’s village on the Coromandel coast back then. Like most places in India this city is also rich in history and has developed over the centuries to become a leading Metropolitan City in India. To learn more about this city, read this article.

Travel to Chennai with India Tours & Travel and visit the Detroit of India for yourself. We offer the best deals for tickets to Chennai from all major Airports in the UK. The International Airport at Chennai, also the third busiest Airport in India is not too far away from the city and all leading Airlines fly to Chennai, making it very convenient for travelers to reach here. British Airways also provides a direct flight to Chennai everyday and we can help you find the best seats for your travel to Chennai in all the major airlines.

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So what is this city famous for?

South Indian CuisineChennai is the seat of culture, arts & tradition and has so much to offer to the visitors and locals. Bharathanatyam, a classical dance form originated in south India is hugely popular here as is Carnatic Music & the other art forms. A visit to Chennai cannot be complete without experiencing these age-old art forms and learning to appreciate its nuances. Come December, the city lights up to boast its abundance in the cultural front as Music and Dance concerts happen all over the city. Another highlight not only during this December Season, but all year round is the food variety that this city offers. The world famous Idly, Dosa & Sambhar with the aromatic Filter Coffee is a treat to those who want to taste authentic South Indian Cuisine.

Chennai BeachesThe landmarks or the places that attract tourists include the Marina Beach (the second longest urban beach in the world), the shores of Mahabalipuram, the numerous Temples in and around the city and the natural parks. In addition to these, the city has a happening night life that very few are witnesses to. Chennai is ever changing to make itself amenable for anyone who wishes to visit or stay in the city. As traditional as Chennai is rooted in its Tamil tradition, it also readily welcomes the modern developments which is evident with steadily climbing expatriate population which is the third largest in the country. Chennai is extremely advanced & sophisticated to serve the millennial and can also be extremely conservative for the old & rustic. A life in opulence is as common as in simplicity. Chennai is not only the best city to live in India but also one of the safest.

It is also home to many of the world-renowned celebrities like Actor Rajnikanth, Academy award winner A.R.Rahman, Chess grandmaster Vishwanath Anand, Business executive Indra Nooyi to name a few.

The City of Chennai runs on the 3 famous C’s. Cricket, Cinema & Culture. Almost everyone living in the city can find themselves being associated with at least one of these.

Fly to Chennai to be a part of its legacy. They call it Singara Chennai. Namma Chennai. Indeed it is.

Our Beautiful city of Chennai.’

Here is a fun video about Chennai by “Kolaveri di” fame Anirudh.


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