The Extreme Warming of Oceans

The Extreme Warming of Oceans

You know, our oceans are dying day by day, especially along the North American West Coast.


In fact a great many factors involved regarding the dying seas, all of them related to human activity.

Fukushima is one of the problems. The live depleted Uranium Ammunition used by the US navy war games along the West Coast is another factor. Somehow the industrial pollution and overfishing also cause the ailing oceans.

Geo engineering has destroyed the ozone layers which allow very destructive levels of UV radiations through to earth’s surface. The excessive UV is fueling the thermal buildup of heat on our planet. The wind pattern which is disrupted due to the climate engineering also affects ocean currents. This has contributed to extreme ocean heat due to a lack of ocean circulation and mixing.

Another form of geo engineering is also makes the increasing dead zones around the globe. That is the ocean fertilization which is a type of climate engineering based on the purposeful introduction of nutrients to the upper ocean to increase marine food production and to remove Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


Moreover at irregular intervals, the sea surface temperature in the Pacific Ocean along the equator becomes warmer or cooler than normal. These anomalies are the hallmark of EI Nino climate cycles, which can contribute to the ocean heat, build up nowadays.


The overheated seas are dead seas. It’s really terrible to see the die off of sea stars along the North American West Coast. The consequences of the overheat also leads to the countless species dying like seals and red tuna crabs. If the oceans die, we die.

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