Shoranur Mangalore railway line electrification

The commissioner of railway safety has given the clearance that the electrification of the 180 odd kilometer Shornur-Cheruvathure stretch has been completed. It will enable the running of suburban trains like the MEMU and the DEMU. But the two proposed traction substations are not completed. So the power supply remained a problem.

The track electrification of the Shornur-Mangalore section was being undertaken by the Central organization of railway electrification (CORE), Allahabad. A total of three traction substations were proposed between Shornur and Kannur as the plans for the electrification of the Shornur-Mangalore stretch was contemplated. They were at Tirur, Elathur and Kannur South. Now only the work on the Kannur South substation has been completed. In Tirur two cents of private land was necessary for laying of cables which has got entangled in legal wrangles. In Elathur, the tender for the substation is in the final stage.

Railway sources said the power can be supplied from only the Shornur and Kannur south substations which prevent the running of more trains now.