Road network improves in Assam's rural areas

Road network improves in Assam’s rural areas

There is an oft repeated saying that peace brings development. This could be very true in the case of Assam, especially for its rural areas, which once was under the sway of various insurgent groups. Today, with militancy on the decline, various government-sponsored schemes are being implemented, and the people of the region are accepting the fact that they have benefitted.

Take the example of Betbari, a small hamlet in Assam’s Baksa District, and mostly inhabited by Bodos. This village is is now accessible thanks to a network of good roads and highways.

The roads were built under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna, a flagship central government program, that aims to improve rural infrastructure.

Travel time and travel cost to Guwahati, the principle city of the state, has reduced considerably. Betabari village is now also well-connected with other rural towns and districts.

“Earlier, during the rainy season, we could not head out as the roads were in bad condition. We even had problems riding a bicycle. But now, the roads are in good shape and riding scooters and other two wheelers is not a problem. We can easily commute to our work places,” claimed Debo Swargayari, an employee of the Bodoland Territorial Council.

Earlier, militants allowed no development to take place. And, the people lived in fear of being attacked or kidnapped.

The militants destroyed all communication lines and left no source of employment for the people.

With consistent efforts from the people and government, the village now has access to water, electricity, better roads and various other facilities.

“Earlier, the roads were not in good shape, especially during the rainy seasons. We could hardly go out. But now, the situation has changed and the roads are in good condition,” said Ajay Basumatary, a local resident.

The villagers want peace and normalcy to last so that rapid development can take place and their region come at par with the rest of the country.

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