rajasthanIt was quite a journey!
Boarded a really old and uncomfortable RSRTC bus to Jodhpur, Rajasthan at Ajmer depo. I found myself a seat right behind the driver where I could hardly fit my long legs and my rucksack. Falling on to the window I saw the sun hiding behind those huge and dry mountains. There were hardly any vehicles passing by on the narrow road with endless stretch of deserts on either side. As it turned dark, window was shut in compulsion. I slowly pulled my jacket out to keep my self warm from desert winter. The driver was young and calm, and was never in a hurry. He told me we would reach only by 8:30 Pm that is almost 6 n half hours journey. I found myself very much interested in socializing with the co-passengers than falling deep into thoughts nor sleep nor reaching out for my scull candies. ‘I spoke ‘or ‘we spoke’ about anything and everything under and above the dark sky. Stepping down the bus, I have made new friends, new memories and of course a lot of learning. Then i got into an autorikshaw which i think had no brake, flew through the crowded streets to take me to the ‘Blue city of India’ (jodhpur) and find a ‘Sastha wala’ room painted in blue.