Plantation and tourism development project coming up in Purulia, West Bengal

Plantation and tourism development project coming up in Purulia, West Bengal

Mud houses at Purulia

The Panchayat and Rural Development department of West Bengal have envisaged extensive plans to implement a plantation and tourism development project at Kumari Kanan in Purulia, under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) scheme and will be backed by West Bengal Comprehensive Area Development Corporation (CADC). At Kumari Kanan, several offspring of orchards have been grown by the district MGNREGA authority to develop the mother stock of all kind plants.

The idea was presented during a brainstorming session where officials of the district and block administration and Comprehensive Area Development Corporation were present. Accordingly, nurseries have been grown and several clusters of plantation are in the process of development where the mother stocks are being preserved.

The area will also be developed as a tourism destination by providing the basic amenities for the tourists.  The project location is a feast for the eyes surrounding the Ayodhya hills. Under the programme, small wells were dug up to support water conservation. Mud houses are built in the area and the roads around the site were widened.  A number of tent houses also setup within the cluster. There is a spectacular two-storied round house built by CADC.

Watching the sun rise and sun set from Ayodhya hills is a mesmerizing experience. Organic farming is being carried out around the resort. All the streetlights surrounding the resort are solar powered. Now, Purulia is a tourist hot spot .

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