New theory of the Formation of Earth

New theory of the Formation of Earth

earthThe formation of the Earth has always a mystery to scientists. In order to explain how our beautiful planet came to life. There are so many theories have been supported throughout the centuries. Recently a new theory of the formation of Earth has been published in a famous science magazine. If this is confirmed it will change our ideas of the formation and evolution of our planet.

About 4.5 billion years ago there is some proof that the moon was formed after a small planet called Theia collided headfirst in to Earth.

At the University of California, Los Angeles researchers analyzed seven lunar rocks brought back to Earth by the Apollo missions, and six volcanic rocks from Earth’s mantle. The rocks on the Earth planetary body in our solar system have a unique identity of ratio of oxygen isotopes that can be used to find out where the cause from. The identical oxygen isotopes of the Earth and the moon gave the answer.

They did not see any difference between Earth’s and the Moon’s oxygen isotopes, they were indistinguishable.

Thus according to the theory proposed in 2012 ‘Theia and Earth were actually involved in a collision during which they fused together’. But the information about Theia is limited. But it is extremely interesting to learn more about this planet.

The mystery of the formation of our planet will always be a challenge for our scientist

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