Mysore via Kudak-Gundlupet

20160327_150058The Journey was a swift and pleasant one, and I spent it in making the more intimate acquaintance of my two companions. In a very few hours the brown earth had become ruddy, the brick had changed to granite, and red cows grazed in well hedged fields where the lush grasses and more luxuriant vegetarian spoke of a richer, if a damper, climate.

It was a pre-planned journey to Mysore via Kudak, Gundlupet with my two friends. Over the green squares of the fields and the low curve of a wood there rose in the distance  a grey melancholy hill, with a strange jagged summit, dim and vague in the distance, like some fantastic landscape in a dream. I stared eagerly out of the window to see any wild animals. The road in front of us grew bleaker and wilder over huge russet and tree slops, sprinkled with giant boulders. Suddenly we looked down into a rocklike thing. An elephant it was, an enormous coal black elephant. With big belly the huge black creature was leaping down the track. We did not drive up to there but got down near the road side. He passed close to we lay and went up the long slope behind us. We could take some snaps. I think it’s better off going late afternoon to see the wild animals. That would be an adventure also. Mysore is one of the most popular tourist destinations within south India. If you are interested to seeing them contact India Tours and Travels (01494551500).It’s well worth it.