Mumbai likely to be home to world’s second largest monorail corridor

Mumbai likely to be home to world’s second largest monorail corridor

The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) is planning to build a monorail corridor inside General Jagannathrao Bhosle (JB) Parking in Sindhudurg district. As per the latest news reports, the monorail will cover a distance of around 400 m. And when this project starts operating, it will become the world’s second shortest monorail corridor.

As of now, monorail corridors are found across the globe in various zoos, parks, amusement parks etc. Currently, Japan holds the title of having the shortest monorail corridor at Tokyo Zoo, which is around 300 m. This is followed by the monorail corridor in Finland at an amusement park, which runs around 500 m.

MTDC is planning to start this project with the motive of promoting tourism in the region. And for executing this project, the department has planned to build 400 m long monorail corridor, which will enable visitors to enjoy an aerial view of the park, which is a prominent tourist spot because of its historical significance. As per the records, these parks witness huge footfall of tourists from all over the state and country all throughout the year. Therefore, building a monorail corridor inside this park will eventually become an additional tourist attraction.

An MTDC official in the know-how said that the elevated monorail corridor will have two coaches, each of which will have a carrying capacity of six passengers. The coaches will be air-conditioned and will be accessed via electronic doors.

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