Metro rail blow to coffers: RTC consider to keep up business

While the launch date of the Hyderabad Metro rail is fast approaching, the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) is not prepared and is likely to take a major rush.Authorities have been holding series of meetings to assess the influence on more than 30 routes intersecting the Metro corridors and have been planning attempting to re-model itself.
Without any guidance from the Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) on the requirement of feeder services, the corporation is making a proposal will soon be sent to HMR. But both sides are now clueless on what the other is planning.
The RTC has recently approached the Metro authorities for providing a road-map to chart out a proposal from its end. However, without any blueprint in hand, the road transport corporation is aiming to pitch itself as ‘the feeder’ service for the Metro.
RTC has conducted more than 10 feasibility studies over the last few months to find alternate routes, find feeder service routes and is now in the process of coming up with a proposal to be the ‘primary feeder service’ for the Metro.”Currently we are working out on possible routes for feeder services on the LB Nagar to Miyapur and Nagole to Begumpet routes. We are trying to assess whether the routes should be in circular form or to see how close we can get to the Metro. We are also pondering on the frequency of feeder services and the feasibility of re-routing,” said Purshottam Naik, executive director Greater Hyderabad zone, TSRTC.
Apart from the need to re-deploy a chunk of the 3,519 buses operating in the city, an overnight change into becoming a ‘feeder service’ will need support in the form of ‘mini buses’.
“We are working on the premise that there will be no two or four wheelers allowed near Metro stations on these routes. We will re-deploy buses on shorter routes and get mini buses on arterial routes. We will nevertheless run into losses and will need support from HMR,” said a highly placed source.
HMR authorities meanwhile are looking at having a gamut of feeder services, including bicycles, electric vehicle and other modes of transport. “We will examine RTC’s proposal and go ahead, depending on what is suitable. While we will give first preference to RTC, we are exploring other options as well,” said HMR managing director, NVS Reddy.