Kaas Plateau - Travel Destinations in Maharashtra

Kaas Plateau – Travel Destinations in Maharashtra

Have you heard about the Kaas Plateau in Maharashtra? It has been alluded as the Switzerland of Western India and rightly so, especially right after the monsoons in September, October.

Situated around 25 km from Satara and 125 km from Pune, this hidden paradise has become the haven for tourists seeking to unwind for a day. The ‘Kaas Pathar’, as it is known in Marathi gained popularity ever since it was declared a Biodiversity Site by the UNESCO in 2012 (As a part of the Western Ghats).

the kaas valley flower bed in october

The Kaas Valley of Flowers during October

Trekking through the flower covered plateau is a gratifying experience. However, there is not much to do except taking lazy strolls through the meadows.

How to Reach:

Self-Driven Cars from Satara or Pune are highly recommended as the scenic views on this route cannot be missed! The 4-lane highway is pretty smooth and has plenty of eateries on the way. There are also buses that ply between Pune and Satara.

The parking lot fills up pretty soon meaning the security guards wont let you in till it clears. So make sure you reach there early!

Accommodation & Food:

Kaas is usually a destination for day trips. But for those who want to stay overnight, there are a few good options. Home stays are available in Kaas or regular accommodations in Satara/Mahabaleshwar are the only other viable option. Food is usually not permitted in the plateau.

Other Attractions:

The Vajrai waterfalls, Thoseghar waterfalls are picturesque locations nearby you can visit too. Kaas lake is on the south of the Kaas Plateau and is surrounded by dense forests and lies between Sajjangad fort and the Kanher Dam.It is just like a bowl carved out of the Sahyadri mountains.

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