India tours budget

India tours budget

If you are looking for budget tour packages in India, No worries there is a long list of budget tour packages in India that you could opt for.


The Venice of the East, is famous for the verdant countryside, lagoons, and the waterways. It is the best place to cruise lazily around in the ever-present houseboats and sample the delicious coconut-laced seafood.

Average cost:

  • Stay: GBP 3.87 – GBP 8.84 per night
  • Food: GBP 7.74 per meal.
  • Houseboats: Start at GBP 66.3 per day for 1 BHK and includes three meals, so split it up with friends if you can.


For those looking for budget tour packages in India, Goa is the hot most loved of all; explorers are no exemption. Get lost on its shorelines, Portuguese design, strongholds, nearby markets, and the palm tree lined curious towns. You can even contract a motorbike and investigate without anyone else.

Average cost:

  • Train travel Mumbai to Madgaon and back: GBP 4.97
  • Stay: Decent accommodation and beach huts starts at GBP 6 – per night


With a trip to Pondicherry, you can get the French flair right here in India. Walk the cobblestoned streets during the day and put up your feet at the innumerable cafes on the beach in the evenings. And yes, don’t forget to try out the French food around here.

Average cost:

  • Bus travel from Chennai to Pondicherry and back: GBP 6
  • Stay: Comfortable cottage stay at GBP 3.32or budget hotels at GBP 6
  • Food: Try out some Indianized French cuisine starting at GBP 2.21-3.32 for two


The exciting wilderness boating, the mind blowing shoreline camps, and the thrilling treks entice the swashbuckler in you. A trek to Rishikesh tops the outlines among the audacious spending occasion goals in India. You could likewise visit the amazing Valley of Flowers from here. Mind you, it’s a totally veggie lover and liquor free goal, however absolutely justified, despite all the trouble.

Average cost:

  • Travel to and from Delhi: GBP 3.21
  • Stay: GBP 1.66 per night
  • Food: GBP 2.21/meal
  • River rafting: GBP 4.42 to GBP 14.37 per person
  • Beach camping: GBP 17.68 per person (includes 1 Night stay, 3 meals and river rafting


Being the tip of Indian mainland itself makes Kanyakumari enticing. The confluence of the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean — behold it, to believe it! A must-see is the Vivekananda Rock Memorial and the breathtaking sunrise and sunset views here.

Average cost:

  • Bus fare Trivandrum to Kanyakumari and back: GBP 6
  • Train one way fare: GBP 1.99
  • Stay: GBP 8.84 / night
  • Food: GBP 2.21 per meal


Travel by means of Cochin, aside from the tremendous picturesque drive, you could even appreciate a visit to the Elephant preparing Center in transit. The tea greenery enclosures of Munnar are its trademark, yet one can even attempt the Eravikulam National Park or even some early morning treks to Rajmala slopes.

Average cost:

  • Delhi to Udaipur (State transport bus) :GBP 7.18
  • Stay: Starts at GBP 4.42/night for shared dormitories


Ooty is one of the perfect destinations for budget trips in South India. A trip to Ooty, one of the best hill stations in South India, is amongst the best budget trips in India that you could ask for. The senses exult here in the midst of the exotic botanical gardens, Rose garden, verdant hills, historical buildings, tea plantations and of course, homemade chocolates.

Average cost:

  • Chennai to Ooty and back (bus) – GBP 15.47
  • Stay: Starts at GBP 3.32

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