Ticket Booking

Ticket Booking

Booking tickets on Trains in India is a challenging process and also needs a lot of advanced planning. Here are a few concepts that you can familiarize yourself with before planning your trip to India.

International Tourists – Reservation Methods

International Tourist Bureaus are located in few prime cities in India. These centres have special quota reservation for foreign tourists and also provide information about the trains available for the required destinations. But the only problem is that the reservations are ambiguous and you may not always get the tickets on your preferred date of travel.

Since Train tickets are very cheap in India, the entire nation is constantly moving and booking a train ticket is a challenge, especially if you don’t plan ahead.

The booking system also has various quotas such as Ladies, physically challenged, Parliament, Defence and the popular Tatkal (Booking the tickets a day before the date of journey) in addition to the above mentioned Tourist Quota. So there may be a possibility to get your tickets booked but if you contact the assigned official. India Tours and Travels can help you solve all your travel queries and make your trip extremely comfortable.