India - Incredible Isn't She?

India – Incredible Isn’t She?



india-airport-map-largeThe snow clad mountains in Kashmir in the North, the confluence of the mighty oceans at Kanyakumari in the South. The orchid state of India, Arunachal Pradesh on the East and the renowned Gulf of Kutch on the West.

The Republic of India is indeed vast & diverse in its culture, climate and terrain as it is the seventh largest country in the world. Also being the second most populated country, India is not in dearth of attractions for tourists & natives likewise.

Civilizations have risen & fell for over 75,000 years and thus the Indian sub-continent also known as "Bharat" or "Hindustan" has a very rich and strong historical background. Many such monuments or relics built thousands of years ago still stand strong, seeming unnerving yet awe-inspiring. A few of them being the "Taj Mahal" in Agra, the many forts & palaces in Rajasthan, the Konark Sun temple in Orissa, the Meenakshi Amman Temple, the Tanjore Big Temple down south and the list will never end. The language used, tradition, culture, cuisine & the way of living in each region is again a reflection of the practices of the age old times that has trickled down over all these years. Understanding & appreciating the parallel that exists between each region and the practices prevalent there is an art by itself. India and its value system is deeply rooted in a sophisticated yet simple system of having a meaningful lifestyle.

In addition to these mad-made wonders, nature has been abundantly kind in bestowing varied landscapes and plush flora & fauna across the country. Plenty of reserved forests & national parks, in addition to desert covers, mountains and rich fertile delta regions serve to increase the bio-diversity of this country. The Ganges in the north is a beauty to behold as she flows down the peaks up north, across the heart of the nation & culminating in the east into the Bay of Bengal. Similarly the Ghats on the east & west peninsular coast provide some of the country's most scenic places to visit. Not to forget, the large strip of Indian coastline, that has the world's second longest beach.

India is also popular for the extensive festivals and grand celebrations that occur almost all year round at different states. Visiting these regions during the festivities is definitely worth the experience gained & the memories created. India is surely a true example of unity in diversity as such huge differences from state to state does not deter the patriotism & the values that the country together stand for. Being the largest democratic nation, India is truly a nation built by the people for the people.

Vibrant. Diverse. Rich. Spiritual. Beautiful. Exotic. Cultural. Humid. Hot. Spicy. Friendly. Colourful. Loud. Exciting.

So many ways to express the Indian experience. But we simply choose to call it Incredible.

Incredible India.


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