High speed rail in China

CRH2C_&_CRH3C_200808China is one step closer to a 3100 mile cross country high speed railway network.It is just finished the construction on the last and longest bridge of its East West railway. The suspension bridge stretches almost half a mile long and sits 1450 feet above the Beipan river in SouthWest China. The frame is constructed of steel tubes filled with concrete which is then covered with more concrete to ensure that the bridge can bear a rail speed of 220MPH.Americas fastest railway averages only 72MPH. The bridge is part of an ambitious eight -line ,high speed rail way network underwayin China.Once completed,the 31000 mile network will connect all of the China’s major cities and provinces making cross country travel faster and more efficient.It is expected to serve 90 percent of China’s population by 2020.