Flyover Collapsed

The kolkata police on Friday served notices asking residence to vacate buildings at the site where a flyover collapsed on Thursday killing 26 people,as some of the buildings pillars might give away.
The locality at Ganesh Talkies in the northern part of the city is close to 150 years old and the multi storeyed buildings there are also very old. The road is narrow,and build in British era.The fly over that was under construction touches most of the buildings on Kalikrishna Tagore street and Vivekananda road.Two trucks are still stuck under the collapsed section of the flyover,their tires still intact.As rescue operations continued and four more bodies were brought out,rescue team felt if the two vehicles collapsed ,part of the flyover might fall on adjacent buildings.
However, but for a few how who could afford to move out, a majority of the residence were unwilling to leave their homes where they had resided for generations. Many in the locality said that notices could not dislodge them especially as there was no mention of compensations.
ten officials of construction company IVRCL, including its vice-president,detained for questioning,murder,attempt to murder , conspiracy charges slapped against company.2 engineers of Kolkata metropolitan development authority suspended.Immediate inspection of the remaining portion of the flyover ordered.State government intimates election commission of its announcement of giving compensation to victims.