Five Eco-friendly travel tips

Five Eco-friendly travel tips

According to some studies, travel accounts to more than 5% of the world's carbon emissions. And, that does not mean you stop traveling. This simple guide will help you plan a great vacation - while protecting the environment.

1) Pack light

Don't pack at the last moment. Think about what you need before and pack only the important things you cannot do without. It will make your baggage light. And it is liberating - that you do not have to wait at the baggage carousel if you are flying. You can handle your backpack easier if it is not that heavy too.

2) Conserve

It is perfect to travel over land or sea more than flying.  Switch off the lights if you are not using them. The same rule applies to water too. Do not waste these resources. If you are staying back in a hotel for a couple of days reuse towels. Avoid using plastic water bottles. Go in for reusable bottles. Carry rechargeable batteries instead of ones that add to the garbage.

3) Buy local

It helps to reduce your baggage and also promote the local vendors. This will also help you to know the local culture.

4) Use public transport

Walk if you can, take a bus or a train and help reduce the carbon footprint. It will also give you a chance to mingle with the locals and see life up close. Rent a hybrid vehicle if it is available.

5) Small is beautiful

A smaller group tends to have less of environmental impact. Stick to existing hiking trails instead of making new ones if you are in the wild. Someone else may follow your path and destroy the natural flora and fauna.

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