Experience the lesser known parts of Kashmir


Arhabal, Kashmir, India

Arhabal, Kashmir, India

We usually associate Kashmir only with a tourism point of view,right?Think different.

We started our exploration with Anantnag. Walking around the markets of Anantnag gives a brief look into the real life of the local people. Unlike the bustle of the tourist markets of Srinagar, shops here serve to the everyday needs of the people.People are busy discussing copper prices to decide which boiler to invest in for this winter.They all head to Srinagar for work in the morning. Withdraw in to their huts in the evening.

The sun was already sinking when we reached there. And the long slops beneath us were all golden green on one side and grey shadow on the other.The air had turned chill and we head back to the hut for warmth.It was a dull and foggy day with a drizzle of rain.Our cottage is banked with rolling clouds, which rise now and then to show the curves of the green paddy fields.It is melancholy inside and out.I walked over to the black window,and I looked through a blurred pane at the driving clouds and at the tossing outline of the wind-swept trees.

The next day we visit to the Aharbal waterfalls which gave us a first hand experience of the fickle weather of the Himalayan mountains. It had been dark and gloomy when we reached the water meadows around the Aharbal waterfalls. By the time we were on the walkway to the waterfalls, it had become bright and sunny!