Calcutta-Melting pot of Cultures walk

culcttaFor a long time, Calcutta was an amazing city that the whole world wanted to come to. This was the trading and business hub and attracted commercial travelers from world. Some of them started their families here, more people from their community joined them and they gained a part of Kolkata for themselves. They influenced their adopted city in their own ways in culture and habits while painting their lives in the colors of Kolkata.

We walked along the roadside markets selling imitation jewelry. We walked along the electronics goods markets. We walked through people living on the roads next to the garbage piles. We saw some old memorial built by these immigrant communities. Some of them are well maintained, some of them are aged while others are simply decayed. You get a brief look of the era when these communities would have developed here. You get an proper idea of how the cosmopolitan spaces looked a century or two ago.

Jews came little bit later to Calcutta, but they were fast to establish their ideology . Trading and Jews can’t be far apart for long, and along with jews came their synagogues. They came from the world around the turn of 19th CE.