Breaking Down the Airline Ticket

Breaking Down the Airline Ticket

Travelling by Air is definitely expensive unless we plan well ahead and get a good deal. Pricing of tickets vary between Airlines each day and we remain oblivious to the reasons behind this for the most part. When Airlines promise huge discounts and slashed prices,do we know how much we actually save or is our ignorance being targeted? Are International flights much more expensive just because of the longer distance and the increased fuel consumption? What is the break up for the Airline Tickets we buy? India Tours and Travel breaks it down for you here.

Representation of the Air fare chargesAirline Tickets can be split into 3 parts – The Base Fare, Airline Charges & Taxes.

The Base Fare is the price of airline ticket before fees, taxes, and any surcharges are added. Of the various components that make up the cost of an airline ticket, the base fare and fuel surcharge go to the airline and the other components to the government and the airport operator. The Commissions are calculated on the base fare. The discounts that Airlines offer are also applicable only on this base fare and not on the total charges. The Airline Charges include Fuel, labour and operating expenses for each flight. This forms the major portion of the total fare.

What makes Airfare expensive are the numerous Taxes and Fees which vary between Airlines, Airports, Countries and thus can make up a huge part of the total ticket price. Air Passenger Duty, Airport security, international taxes, a number of domestic taxes, and various foreign taxes (including country taxes on passengers to fight AIDS and malaria) are added into the cost for various domestic and international flights. While most people are aware that non stop flights are cheaper for airfare, it’s also cheaper for taxes and fees.

If we delve deeper into how much tax or fee is being charged, we can get a better idea about why ticket prices vary as much. But since the factors involved are extensive, breaking them down into one single format is not possible. Airlines are supposed to display the split up for each ticket, especially the taxes that have been charged on the passenger. Thus with a little research we can save on our tickets by paying only what for is absolutely necessary.

The 2014 Budget has reduced Air Passenger Duty for long haul flights, a welcome move by the British travel industry association. This could potentially save about £200 million annually for air passengers flying from the UK. It has already risen by up to 470 per cent since 2007, making British fliers among the most heavily taxed in the world. In a study published last year by the World Economic Forum, the UK was ranked 138th out of 139 countries according to the competitiveness of its air taxes and airport charges – ahead of only Chad in Africa.

Understanding every aspect of travel is crucial, especially when expenses involved are so high. India tours and Travel has experts who can guide you through a transparent ticketing process and help you get the most economic flight tickets to India.


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