Best Time of the Year to Travel to Kerala

Best Time of the Year to Travel to Kerala

Kerala is definitely the most sought after destination for the tourists visiting India. What makes Kerala so popular? It is the cleanest province with highest literacy rate and the most advanced society in India. Its location is also extremely favourable with a long shoreline on the Arabian sea on the east and the towering Western Ghats on the west creating the ideal landscape. Serene beaches on one side and lush tropical forests on the other, 44 rivers across the region and of course the popular backwaters, tourists are spoilt for choice in Kerala.

Map of Kerala's Geography The geographic position & landscape divides Kerala’s climate into 3 seasons – Summer, Monsoon and Winter. Summer is from March to May, Monsoons from June to September and Winter from October – February. The ideal and peak season for tourists to visit Kerala is in winter though the temperatures do not drop as much (Average 28 – 30C) . Prices and activities soar up during this period as over 450,000 foreign tourists flock to Kerala in winter alone.

The monsoon is an ideal time for travellers to visit kerala for ayurvedic treatements alone given the relentless rains that hinder most of the outdoor activities. Summer is hot and humid, making it unpleasant at the beaches but the hill stations have an equable climate for respite. The domestic tourist inflow to these hill stations are quite high during summer.

Kovalam beach KeralaWinter in Kerala is the best time for tourists to experience all the attractions that this destination has to provide. The beaches are calm and perfect to spend a lazy day. Beautiful beaches dot the shoreline on Kerala, each seeming more pristine than the other. As we mover away from the beaches, the hallmark of Kerala — its backwaters, offers yet another wonderful experience. The end of the monsoon is an ideal time to try the Houseboats on the palm fringed backwaters of Kerala as winter drastically decreases their availability and increases the price.

Monsoon in Kerala provides many opportunities for the visitors to indulge in Ayurvedic rejuvenation camps and truly experience one of Kerala’s treasured skill. There are extensive options in Ayurveda treatments, the 5000 year old traditional Indian medicine. Kerala’s abundance in nature provides highly potent herbs along with the perfect environment for maximum benefits from these therapeutic treatments. Ayurveda is more a lifestyle than a healthcare system, followed with absolute dedication by the Keralites.

Elephants in Kerala FestivalSummer is when mostly domestic visitors travel to the hill station resorts to escape the Indian summer. The tropical forests give a good insight to the rich flora and fauna that the mountains host. Another attraction during summer is the Elephant festival conducted in many temples in Kerala, with Thrissur being the most famous for its grandeur.

Kerala has numerous festivals, some specific to this region alone and celebrated in the most traditional and elaborate manner. Festival dates are based on the Malayalam calender and thus changes every year. But at point in the year, there are sure to be some festivals or rituals that visitors can see happening at some part of Kerala. Each destination is around 2 hours away from each other, another unique advantage in Kerala and so getting around is extremely easy and comfortable.

Kerala has plenty to offer for the visitors and each experience is unique & rooted in culture specific to that part of the country. Travel to Kerala anytime you deem fit but let India Tours and travel help you book your flights to Kerala.


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