Auto Driver in Madurai, Tamil Nadu offers Special Discounts to Foreigners

Auto Driver in Madurai, Tamil Nadu offers Special Discounts to Foreigners

Tourists from abroad and other states often fall easy preys to overcharging autorickshaw drivers in several parts of Tamil Nadu. But here is an exception.

An auto driver in Madurai offers 30% discount to foreigners and 20% to tourists from other states.

Anyone travelling on the share autorickshaw of A.Meenakshisundaram, 34, from Narimedu can’t stop reading a board on the vehicle: “Free for pregnant women, children, people aged above 70 years, differently-abled and poor travelling to Government Rajaji Hospital.”

“I have been riding the autorickshaw for the last two years. Two months ago, I felt that I should do something good for the poor and started to offer free rides. Later, I decided to offer a discount to foreigners and people from other states after seeing them being fleeced by auto drivers like me,” he said.

Meenakshisundaram rides a share autorickshaw he has taken on rent and has to pay Rs 350 as daily rent. But this won’t deter him.

“It is a priceless gift for me when I see the happiness on the faces of children, elderly and differently abled people as they come to know that the trip is free. Moreover, generosity pays rich dividends. For every free passenger I ferry, I will get at least four to five passengers at the following stops,” he stated.

“When I began to offer free rides two months ago, other auto drivers laughed at me stating that I am running towards bankruptcy. But I make decent money now. Besides, I get lots of satisfaction and blessings from unknown people”, he added.

Furthermore, the idea of offering a discount to foreigners did not go well with other drivers. Several of them opposed it.

“But I like foreigners and the way they interact with us. I can make them feel good about the city with a small discount,” he added.

Source: The Times of India

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