Attention Indian Tourists! Summer is Coming

Attention Indian Tourists! Summer is Coming

It is getting hotter each day and the heat is slowly building up in India. Summer is coming & it looks like it is here to stay for a long time! (Read 3-4 months depending on the region) The Monsoons will later arrive as the much needed respite from the heat but until then there will be no escaping the scorching sun.

Although Summer is an ideal time to travel, the local heat wave can make the journey uncomfortable. It is very important to stay safe and protect ourselves while going on vacations during summer.

Summer Heat Map in India

India Heat Map during Summer

You might know them already, but here are the list of things you need to remember to do while travelling this Summer.

  1. When you know Summer is coming, you should also get to know what temperatures you will be arriving to. Weather forecasts are available for every square foot around the world. So find out what it is going to be like and plan & pack accordingly.
  2. When packing keep in mind the ‘type’ of heat that you might face and choose your clothes accordingly. A dry summer means you need protection from the harsh sun rays with fully covered loose clothing. Summer in humid areas require clothes that let you cool off given the occasional breezes that set in.
  3. Ensure you have your summer essentials – A UV protection sun glass, Light coloured umbrella, Hats/Caps, A handy water bottle and a sunscreen.
  4. Cluster your activities together in an area to avoid travelling long distances during the day. You could also take a siesta and give yourself a break from noon till late afternoon. Get lunch, nap and stay safe indoors till the sun burns out for the most parts. You could also find a mall nearby and spend your afternoon shopping and in the comfort of air conditioning.
  5. Eat fresh & healthy. Avoid the caffeine and go for those fruits & salads. Keep yourself hydrated especially when you are outdoors. Some Indian choices of cooler-drinks will be the Lassi, Chaaz(Butter Milk) and Coconut Water.
tourists in indian summer

Tourists in the Indian Summer

Be wise and pack all that you will need to travel comfortably. Or be wiser and choose a destination in India where you will not have to worry about the Summer.

Hill Stations are obviously a good option and you could combine the journey with the other popular destinations nearby. Other good places to visit during summer will be Srinagar in Jammu & Kashmir or the Himalayan Foothill region.

Contact our travel experts in India Tours & Travel to get more details to plan your trip to India. Summer is coming and make the best of it!



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