Wonderful heritage monuments: Moosi Rani ki Chattri and Sagar Baoli

Alwar’s wonderful heritage monuments: Moosi Rani ki Chattri and Sagar Baoli

heritage monumentsAlwar, a pleasant town in the province of Rajasthan, once had a place with the old Matsya mahajanapada that had it's capital at Viratnagar, presently known as Bairat. The Meena the ancestral network were the first to settle in Alwar and they assembled a mud fortress here, portions of which can be seen spread in the low-lying slopes around and underneath the current Alwar fortification.

A major attraction in Alwar city had dependably been the City Palace or Vinay Vilas, which was worked by Raja Bakhtawar Singh in 1793. Be that as it may, the Palace presently houses an area authoritative office and is beyond the field of play for the sightseers, despite the fact that one can generally respect the delightful structure from outside. The highest floor of the royal residence is additionally open for tourists and houses a historical center. There are three areas in this exhibition hall and the primary segment has different toys and illustrious dresses, while the second segment features depictions, and the third one holds weapons that had a place with the distinctive Mughal rulers.

The chattri, heritage monuments terrace offers a pretty view of the city houses and hills around, and one can see the fort walls of the Bala Qila (Alwar fort) on the hill straight ahead. The Moosi Rani ki Chattri and its bordering Sagar Kund wonderful heritage monuments and could undoubtedly be made into popular tourist spots; in any case, the spot looks forsaken and could positively do with somewhat more protection and upkeep.

Best time to visit Alwar is between November to March/early April, when it is cooler. The place is also beautiful during the monsoons. Alwar is well connected with Delhi /NCR via road and is just around 4-5-hour drive by a car. Trains are also available from Jaipur or Delhi for those interested in a train journey. The closest airport is Sanganer airport in Jaipur, which is 150 km from Alwar.

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