Umaid Bhavan Palace


Sitting under a tree with a malayi kulfi in hand and sharing travel thoughts with a friend who came from north.That conversation which din’t last for more than 30minutes changed the course of my trip. I swept aside all my plans for rest of Rajasthan and Utharakand.Yes. Its winter in Srinagar. There is snowfall in Gulmarg and Im here in Rajasthan, just 16 hours away running from one fort to another.
Stood up and bid her a goodbye and caught the next train to jaipur. Woke up early and ran to railway station to purchase tickets for the evening train before I would change my mind.I was more than excited, Walked across the streets of Jaipur tasting various sweets and clicking pictures. Traffic was horrible and saw a man walking naked on streets and being respected by respectables.Then had a Rajasthani thali from a local restraunt before the boarding Pooja Express to Jammu Thavi.
Srinagar,Wait for me!