Airlines That Take the Longest to Unload Luggage – Results Recorded at Gatwick Airport

Travelling can be made easy if you choose the right seat on any Airlines for the best price. But what cannot be made easy is waiting for your luggage at the carousel. There have been continued efforts by all Airlines and Airports to speed up this process and enable a smoother travelling experience for the passengers. There have also been a couple of marketing campaigns that were conducted to keep the passengers engaged as they wait. Here is one such effort.


Gatwick Airport took up the work to record the Airlines that delivered the luggage most efficiently within a given time limit.

Handling agents employed by the airlines were deemed to be successful if they completed the task with 35 minutes when working with small planes and within 50 minutes when dealing with larger aircraft.

The results were recorded in Gatwick’s most recent monthly report.

Flybe, whose handling agent is Menzies, came top in the small aircraft category with 100 per cent of bags on 84 flights being returned to the terminal within the allotted 35-minute period.

Other airlines who fared well in the survey included Aurigny – with 99 per cent from 176 flights, and Aer Lingus – with 98 per cent from 283 flights.

The results are here f0r you to see.

Image of Gatwick Airport Luggage delivery reportImage of Gatwick Airport Luggage delivery report




















To know more about the report published by Gatwick Airport read the complete article at Mail Online.

And here is another interesting effort at Kempegowda Internaitonal Airport, Bangalore.


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