A Guide to Hyderabad

A Guide to Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the central point of South India, is the capital city for the Andhra Pradesh & Telegana states. Also called the City of pearls, it is one of the largest Pearl drilling centers in India. An entire village right outside Hyderabad is engaged in the delicate art of processing pearls for over many generations, thus rightfully giving it the title.

The number of visitors to the city are as much as the business travelers who flock the HITEC city, a sobriquet given to the Cyber capital of the country. Hyderabad is twinned with the city Secunderabad, which is geographically divided by the Hussain Sagar Lake. The twin cities have very different histories, the former being the capital of Nizams and the latter, a British Cantonment but have been joined together now to make it the 6th Largest Metropolis in India. Education and Healthcare have also been given high importance in this city.

Pre-Independence, Hyderabad was ruled by the Mughals followed by the Nizams and so a lot of the attractions in the city have Islamic Influence. A fine example of that is the Charminar Fort which is built in the center of the old city. The other monuments of importance are the Mecca Masjid – one of oldest mosques, the Golconda Fort – a flourishing diamond mining center & the capital city back then, the Chowmalla Mahal, the Falaknuma Mahal and the Purana Haveli which are a few of the Palaces built centuries ago. In addition to these the lakes built in the city are a popular tourist spot, especially the Hussain Sagar lake with a huge monolithic statue of Gautama Buddha erected on an island in the center.

Picture of Charminar during dusk

Hyderabad is well-connected with the Indian Railways, Roadways or the Domestic and International Airways. The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Hyderabad features in the top Airports of India and is well-connected to the city.  It serves as a hub for SpiceJet, Lufthansa Cargo and Blue Dart Aviation and as a focus city for Air India, Jet Airways, and JetLite. Direct flights by British Airways from the London – Heathrow Airport also fly in and out of the Airport everyday. Plan your travel to this ancient city with India Tours and Travels. We will book you on the best flights with the cheapest rate possible. Use our live booking facility now and get your tickets online instantly.

 For sight and sound, the shopping Bazaars and the Hyderabadi Cuisine is definitely an experience to indulge in. The beauty of a traditional bazaar in Hyderabad has been described in great detail by Sarojini Naidu in her poem “In the Bazaars of Hyderabad“. The poem, though over a century old captures the essence of the shopping scene in the city and interestingly was written during the Indian Independence Movement to encourage the people to boycott foreign goods.

The discerning client at these bazaars has a wide price range to choose from. Of course, you will be paying more if it’s evident that you are not from Hyderabad and also if you daft enough to discuss having seen them in London shops. Not to forget is shopping for the Hyderabadi bangles, that have also found prestigious spots in some important shops worldwide. Shop at the swanky outlets at Banjara hills, try the famous lacquer bangles or choose to eat Biriyani at the popular restaurants in the city. Hyderabad has a lot to offer for its visitors!Tourism Hyderabad Official Logo

Hyderabad was ranked 3rd Best City to Travel in 2013 by Lonely Planet. Andhra Pradesh, which is India’s top domestic tourist destination, receives up to 157 million visits and reached 1.5 million international tourists, which generated US$23 million in revenue.

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